Desi Vs Up-Market fashion woes- Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions

All our life, you’ve been told that small towns are dying, drying up, and disappearing, and that there’s nothing you can do to change it. What if, just once, there was some good news about non metros.

Fashionista - Desi Vs Up-Market fashion woes

Designer Indian wear, Gowns and a hot fashion item, sell faster at the same speed in cities like Bangalore and Pune and smaller towns like Raipur, Lucknow and Amravati. Have you wondered why?

Fashionista fashion and lifestyle exhibition is focusing on adding immense value in tier two cities with affordable clothing exhibitions across India. Having said that we have served the non-metros for almost a decade now.

New Fashion Designer and Woman Entrepreneurs are given a platform through Fashionista to expand their horizons beyond their own cities and add more fashion flavors to small towns which indeed has the same buying behavior as metro cities.
There is more to fashionista than giving a platform to designers, it provides support immense motivation and extensive social media communications, giving more reach to startups, we look forward for more collaborations with designers who wish to join hands and make small towns be stand along with that of metro cities in fashion , thoughts and actions.

Content by Sakshi Dhingra

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