~ WoMan Of SubStance or Drama QueEn, Which one are YoU? ~

Aurat Aurat hoti hai aur Unko admi ki zarurat hoti hai aage badne ke liye…Who says so? A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman who gives meaning to others lives.


As children, we were always being told to be a person of moral and were educated to understand what our values are…the “ideal” woman of our age is glamorous, sophisticated, aggressive, powerful, outspoken, career-minded, independent, self-sufficient, and sensuous. She needs no one and nothing.

Born with a silver spoon and hasn’t touch their fully pedicured foot on the ground, Never have ever felt what poverty looks like coz she thinks there are people who don’t have the talent of spending money…They are the Drama Queens.

Living up to individual fashion norms that storm the city, a few layers of pan caked makeup from the most expensive brands and they are ready to walk the ramp as soon as they wake up… there are the Drama Queens.

Cupcakes, Floral bouquet, Prada shoes and LV is what is expected on their birthdays, anything below this ‘ My husband doesn’t love me anymore’!

Never have they ever cleaned their children’s diapers with the nails that look like worth a million dollars. Less or No responsibility and self-centered – Me Time is something that they would want. Their world is confined to luxury and so they don’t know what effort in life is. Sports woman of the ones they just in case know of are popular public figures for them…there is less awareness of know the effort and the pain to reach at a level they won’t be able to with the comfort level that has been imbibed.

The marriage might also suffer at a level it is beyond repair and so the money too is lost.

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