Revival of the Hope yet again…Khadiour Sentimental Fabric back in Fashion~

And, we couldn’t be happier about it. KHADI not just a cloth, but a rich fabric with the sentiments of the past especially for the Indians.


During our struggle for Independence, it was KHADI.. The fabric that brought back hope and dignity to us through balancing our economic and social status at that time.

Mahatma Gandhi introduced the Khadi movement in 1920s to support the local workers and put an end to the nationwide exploitation by the British. The unique characteristics displayed by Khadi make it an ideal choice for any and every season. It is one of the most comfortable, and organic fabrics which are easily available in the market.

Unfortunately, with the progression and development of the fashion industry, khadi became a rare sight, associated only with artist and authors. Moreover, The fabric has undergone a transformation to be promoted into the mainstream.


Since fashion industry is all about experimenting with different looks and style, the fact that khadi fabric is flexible and can be woven into any versatile look makes it irresistible to not play with.

The very established Khadi brand – Fabindia is an Indian chain store retailing garments, furnishings, fabrics and ethnic products handmade by craftspeople across rural India. Established in 1960 by John Bissell, a non-Indian had so much faith in the handwoven fabric that today it has over 250 stores across India and abroad, and is managed by his son, William Bissell.

The fashion industry is now full of clothes made of khaki blends with different fibers- the most popular out of which are poly khadi, tussar silk, matkakhadi and raw silk khadi.
Young and upcoming fashion designers have chosen khadi over heavy sequence work and are doing extremely well in the modern fashion world, one of the best designer brand in Central India – Gandhian Fab by Amin Farista, who specialize in khadi,

Amin’s Couture is an attempt to innovate, recreate and embrace modernity, keeping in mind India’s rich cultural heritage. His unique style of using antique handwork on Khadi has been appreciated and acknowledged by fashion loving people. His forte is traditional and ethnic kurtis- both trendy and wearable by all age groups. He promotes those weavers and handicraft workers who are fast moving away from their ancestral skill due to lack of appreciation.

So, the next time you want to shop for something traditional, yet fashionable, keep an eye out for clothes and accessories made out of this exclusive fabric.

There is good news in store for people who haven’t yet explored the fabric on them, Amin’s Couture is being an integral part of our fashion exhibition brand Fashionista at Raipur on 6th-7th & 8th October’17 at Hotel Grand Imperia, So buck up all the lovely people, Get up! Get ready and Get Fashion-Ista and fill up the bags with Amin’s Couture!

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