Marriages just the way it feels…Yeh Shaadi ka Ladoo Hai Bhai~

There were times when woman who didn’t have any voice were made to marry the prince of their parents’ dream, wherein now times have it all that woman who are independent and successful in their own individual careers do not find a need to get married, of-course companionship is different but at the same time commitment to the marriage is a different ball game.

Marriage will soon be like a library where we find the books that we want to read, but not invest and yet you have the desire to explore new insights of each book a similar ladoo called Marriage.

There are days when you are thrilled of getting married most because your best friend is and yes of the functions and the events that will be hosted for the celebrations.”Yeh toh wo ladoo hai jo khae woh bhi pachtae jo na khae woh bhi patchtae”
Who knows how long the marriages will last. The new evolved technology has made love disappear like rain in the clouds, no matter how much depth you want to find in the love you have for each other, your Facebook notifications&whatsapp chats will defiantly make an end to the moment.

It’s a time when we know we have realized how things are becoming bad to worse in this new“X” era, it’s also the time to give and surround yourself with so much love that even marriages that are broken are bonded back for eternity.

So my dear friends, We are sure you have fallen in love not once, not twice, but again and again with yourself for just being who you are. Fashionista embraces each and every woman to be independent no matter what the world says, but to walk with pride and be extremely confident of yourself.

Empower yourself with courage, confidence, Education & Fill your life with Happiness & Bliss today and Forever~ Yes! You read it just right, Eterrnity!!

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Fashion Vs Fads!!

FASHIONISTA is a major fashion exhibition in its field located in Mumbai and is one of the leading b2b platforms for fashion specialists in India.


During the coming exhibition we expect like the last expo over 300 exhibitors from Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hydreabad, Kolkata, Nashik, Nagpur, Raipur, Surat, Indore, Aurangabad, Amravati, Bilaspur, Lucknow, Kanpur and many more cities. Visitors of the exhibition are over 10,000 fashion specialists.
Nationwide exhibitors get special extra support from our PR department. We also work together with media Agencies and mass media partners.
FASHION INDUSTRY has an extended promotion campaign in all national and regional newspapers and special advertisement.
In frames of intensive Business Program the exhibition host a Fashion Conference with presentations regarding the latest market developments, Generation NEXT competition for young designers, Fashion Job Fair and Business Consultating service as well as Daily Catwalks of newest collection at the main podium.
Exposition structure
• Ready-to-wear
• Lingerie and Swimwear
• Outwear
• Leather and fur
• Shoes and bags
• Accessories
• Home textile
• Equipment
• Fabrics and fittings
First, increasing the competence of the new managers of sales Department: for them is the extension of the contact area and they enthusiastically recruit buyers. The second is attracting visitors to its retail stores.
– Exhibition held at the height of the International class! Found what I was looking for a lot of time. Dress chic, shawl of extraordinary beauty, and what kind of fabric is a dream! Struck shows, fashion shows. Now my boutique is finally going to differ from others.
• The exhibitors will present current seasonal collections 2017/2018 and favorite classics. Exposition of the Fair was very bright and colorful as spring.

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Launch pad for Entrepreneurial Dreams~

Are you a budding designer looking for a Launchpad?
Kewl….This read is just for you~


Yukti Shankar CEO of Fashionista motivates & contributes in an influencing manner to the fashion industry by providing a Launchpad for budding designers to showcase their talent to the fashion circle. It has been her endeavor to bring fashion to the non metro cities. She is happy to bring on board the fashion designers and nurture them through her brand.

Fashion lovers who visit our exhibitions are motivated and encouraged to push their creative minds and adapt collaborative approaches to promote their offering through our portal.

Young upcoming fashion designers are motivated to discover the talent nationwide through Fashionista exhibitions. There is a wide range of offerings that Fashionista provides to their exhibitors, on ground and offline marketing platforms to promote each designer extensively and post exhibition promotions are done too for brand recognition.
Have had more than a decade of experience and installing nationwide exhibitions gives more exposure for exhibitors and counsel them according to their products , A specialized marketing strategy is designed considering each element and unique propositions of the product being showcased.

When you love what you do and get a hand holding you to accomplish it, there is nothing left except motivation and passion of two elements driving it to success~

Desi Vs Up-Market fashion woes- Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions

All our life, you’ve been told that small towns are dying, drying up, and disappearing, and that there’s nothing you can do to change it. What if, just once, there was some good news about non metros.

Fashionista - Desi Vs Up-Market fashion woes

Designer Indian wear, Gowns and a hot fashion item, sell faster at the same speed in cities like Bangalore and Pune and smaller towns like Raipur, Lucknow and Amravati. Have you wondered why?

Fashionista fashion and lifestyle exhibition is focusing on adding immense value in tier two cities with affordable clothing exhibitions across India. Having said that we have served the non-metros for almost a decade now.

New Fashion Designer and Woman Entrepreneurs are given a platform through Fashionista to expand their horizons beyond their own cities and add more fashion flavors to small towns which indeed has the same buying behavior as metro cities.
There is more to fashionista than giving a platform to designers, it provides support immense motivation and extensive social media communications, giving more reach to startups, we look forward for more collaborations with designers who wish to join hands and make small towns be stand along with that of metro cities in fashion , thoughts and actions.

Content by Sakshi Dhingra

Be the most beautiful you!

The festive season is about to begin and one thing you definitely don’t want to look like is everyone else. Putting on a bold lipstick is one of the easiest, quickest ways to add a drama and sophistication to any look.

This is the best time to get out of your comfort level, shake off that sober image and try some bold new colour combinations and techniques.


Here are the evening makeup tips that show you how to do party makeup in easy DIY steps. But keep in mind, you either highlight the lips or the eyes, don’t do both.
Bold, Red and Ravishing Look

You got it! We are talking about the bold red lips here. Now, this one takes much more that proper technique to carry off. If you have it, go ahead and flourish it, darling! But remember, to keep the rest of your makeup, especially the eyes in subtle shades or nude. Only black mascara on the top lashes is all you require.

How to get bold red evening party makeup look:

– Pick a sheer lipstick for a more natural look. Avoid matte or cream formulas.
– Now, apply lip balm and leave it for few minutes.
– Use the side of the pencil, not the tip, define and fill in. A berry red or muted shade works best.
– Apply a thin layer of lip colour with a lip brush.
– Apply a thin layer of loose powder in between coats to make your lip colour more vibrant and strong.

Note: If you aren’t prepared for full-on, red-lip glam, stains and glosses are perfect for your first attempt with the red lip — or for a casual daytime style.

We hope with these tips; your celebration will never end!

The Craze of Crop Tops!

Crop tops proves the fashion resilience. It mainly in trends in the 1980s classic FlashDance of Madonna’s time and again they regularly attired by our favorite teen idols Britney, Spice Girls and Christina. Then they disappeared for a while, maybe off to holidays like the rest of the world.

In India fashion and trends are mostly set by the Bollywood stars. Of course there is the flourishing business of fashion here, with some wonderful fashion designers who also set the ball rolling as far as trends are concerned, especially at the fashion week but Bollywood absolutely rules the roost. Many Bollywood celebs and fashion designer seem to have grown fond of sporting the oh-so-versatile crop top look. From pairing with denim jeans to high-waist skirts, to Indian attire and western outfits, the crop top seems to be everywhere.

Wear the crop top in numerous different avatars so that you get to wear and enjoy this trend

Pair it with High-Waisted bottoms

Since the hem of your top is cut short, add height to the waist of your bottoms so only a coy glimpse of skin is on display.

Try a loose fitting style

If a cropped and tight top might make you feel uneasy and nervous about how much body you’re showing; a trapeze style is the solution. Pair it with a tighter fitting skirt, shorts or pair of pants to keep your look balanced.

With a shrugs or an unbuttoned shirt

Layering will make you feel more put together and covered up.

Try a collared cropped t-shirt


You can button it up all the way to balance your outfit’s proportions and make the cropped look more formal friendly.

Long sleeves or high necklines

There’s something very sexy about a crop top that keeps other parts covered.

Accessorize with a long pendant necklace

A long chain will add balance by drawing the eye down and lengthen a torso that’s shortened by a crop top.

Lacy or crochet style

Crop tops can be feminine and even formal with delicate fabrics, embroidery or classy jewels.

Striped crop tops

Seriously, forget any style rules you’ve ever heard. Wear a striped crop top, you won’t look “wide” or whatever, you’ll just look nautical or new wave.

Crop top with a pencil skirt

An outfit comprised of a crop top and a pencil skirt screams “barracuda.” Don’t be anxious by this look because you’ll look intimidatingly powerful in it.

You don’t need to be skinny or ripped to rock the look, crop tops look good on all bodies.

Image courtesy- pinterest

Fashionista has won the Exhibition Excellence Awards ’16

The exhibition sector in India today, is set at a crucial point that shall be critical to its future growth. Fashionista Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition has won the “Exhibition Excellence Awards”, to be held at The India Expo Mart, Greater Noida!


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