RANGAYAN – An Art Festival at Fashionista Exhibitions!

Over the past several years we’ve all seen the trend of schools cutting the subject of Arts from their curriculum. From theater, music and now arts have gone for so many. There’s no doubt that the arts are fun for kids of all ages. Diving into those finger paints and making a beautiful picture that you relate to is totally Fun! Having said that arts also helps children develop on many fundamental levels.


Creativity: This may seem like a no-brainer, but Arts allows the kids to express themselves thus therapies like art therapy have started emerging for children to understand themselves better and to be more expressive through the medium of art and creative learning. Motor Skills are also developed while getting involved in art based activities.

Confidence: While mastering a subject, art definitely builds a student’s confidence.

Visual Learning Especially for young kids, drawing, painting, pottery and sculpting in art class help develop visual-spatial skills. Art educators teach students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. Decision Making Learning how to make choices and decisions will certainly carry over into their education and other parts of life—as this is certainly a valuable skill in  their adulthood.

Focus– As you persevere through painting or singing or learning a part in a play, focus is imperative. And certainly focus is vital for studying and learning in class as well as doing a job later in life. Accountability: Mistakes are a part of life, and learning to accept them, fix them, and move on will serve kids well as they grow older and prep them for their future.

Fashionista brings to you art based learning while mothers shop at this do! Fuel your Child’s artistic flames in beautiful paintings with expert instructions. Learn the basics & detailing about painting, one of the most ancient and graceful forms of art by JAYSHREE BHAGWANANI presents RANGAYAN.


About the Artist: Jayshree Bhagwanani born in 1961 and always had an inclination towards Art & Culture. She has studied  National Diploma in Fine Arts from Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi)  in 1986. Mrs. Bhagwanani has a creative vision to see things differently around her which she would try to depict it through paintings.

JOIN US in this fun & frolic event: 3 Days Art Exhibition at Fashionista Mega Diwali Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition – Raipur with renowned Artist from all over Chattisgarh. Mothers are most welcome to shop till they drop while their child learns Art and self Conceptualization.


Jewellery – A Woman’s best friend!

Every woman wants to feel unique and special. Each person is unique in its own way. Jewellery is also alike, because each existence is unique. No two are the same. Thus, this makes jewellery more sentimental and irreplaceable.


Jewellery has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. Its significance in an Indian woman’s life can be acknowledged from the number of jewelry gifts she receives on a variety of occasions in her life and women from all classes of the society possess some kind of jewellery they can afford. Indian women decorating themselves with jewellery is not only a customary tradition, but also has a lot of values attached to each and every jewellery worn by these women.


  Apart from adding to the beauty of Indian women, Indian jewellery is also considered to be a matter of great security in time of financial crisis due to its liquidity.  To accentuate the feminism, women wear jewelry created with precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. Traditionally, having a good collection of jewellery symbolizes power, good status and immense wealth of the owner.

Raised in a country with glorious arts and colorful festivities, falling in love with India and its culture is inescapable, Anopchand & Tilokchand Jewellers (AT Jewellers) are not only  inspired by art and craft legacy, but have also found an immense passion in reinventing them.

The foundation of Anopchand Tilokchand Jewellers Private Limited or AT Jewellers, was laid by Late Shri Jethmal Jasraj Baradia in 1957. On the basis of his hard-work, innovative skills, sincere efforts, fair practice and commitment for customers’ satisfaction, AT Jewellers has achieved tremendous success & reputation. Not just this, it’s recognised as a “Symbol of Trust”. Customers always look at it as an ideal place to get the finest quality, design & purity in Diamond, Gold & Silver jewelleries. This gives a very specific identity to A.T Jewel in Central India.

Anopchand Tilokchand Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. (A.T.), an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. AT Jewellers  has won various national level awards in retailing from IIJS, JJS, Best Franchise awards for ATR Jewellery Institutions etc. It is known as the biggest jewellery destination in Central India and awarded for the same by Retail Jewellers India Awards. AT Jewellers is also the founder member of Gem and Jewellery Federation (GJF).  GJF is a national trade federation for the promotion and growth of trade in Gems & Jewellery across India.

Their products ranges from Diamond Jewellery, Platinum Jewelry, Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery and Silver Utensils. They are also into Antique and Polki Diamond Jewellry which adds a traditional taste to their jewellery. They are operating currently in Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad and Raipur.

Therefore, they are rigorously working into backward integration to reduce the cost of the products with Factories spread across Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Raipur and also add uniqueness in their product which is very important in Jewellery store with best quality and price.

Each piece of jewellery holds sentimental and emotional value, which makes it even more special to wear. So go ahead and flaunt your style by sporting the jewellery you think best represents your personality, gift yourself and your loved ones, a piece of jewellery by Anopchand & Tilokchand Jewellers at Fashionista  Exhibitions on 6th,7th & 8th October 17 at Hotel Grand Imperial – Raipur!


Fashionista brings to you, one of the finest exhibitions in India. Celebrating its 10th year anniversary with unique exhibitors and other entertainment tactics to stimulate the crowd in this fun filled event at Raipur, Fashionista will have celebrity studded with Super Model Alesia Raut showcasing modelling tips and fashion shows along with Celebrity Tarot Reader Munisha Khatwani.


Fashionista has brought together many unique fashion and lifestyle products under its umbrella, of which one is Khadi fabric by Artisans Gallery

Artisans Gallery (AG) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified entity involved in manufacturing of women apparels and accessories. The creations of AG are retailed through its own outlets and e-platforms under the brand name ‘AG’. ‘AG’ is promoting traditional pit-loom weaving by using Silk, Linen, Linen Cotton and fine Cotton for its creations.

As we know Khadi and non-violence were two powerful weapons with which Mahatma Gandhi equipped Indians to throw out British colonial rulers. Khadi continued to grow into prominence and a place of pride for Indians.

Fashion designers have found Khadi their canvas as imaginative creations. It is a ripe for re-incarnation as a livery of young surging India. A rising number of young fashion designers are seeking out local fabrics, craft and technique to give expression to this trend.

Khadi as defined by Gandhiji as a cloth hand woven from yarn handspun in India has been taken as legal definition of Khadi. These products are unique in the sense that they are one of a kind besides being truly “cottage” or “hand-spun” and “hand woven”. They are “flawed” and are not mindless creation of machines.

`Thus Artisans Gallery feel responsible in reviving the age old heritage of handicraft and make it a ‘Style Statement’ for woman of substance. They feel proud in informing you that the industry comprises of 100 % women employees. The brand ‘AG’ is also being headed by a woman herself, Ms. Neha Singh, Director of M/s Artisans Gallery.

Khadi as a fabric provides employment to the poor, gives earning to small cotton farmers, is eco-friendly, airy and has simplicity which gives it elegance and connects it to the freedom movement and Gandhian values.

Progressive Khadi activists and Khadi-lovers have realized its true value and are most vocal today for reforms and are voluntarily using the fabric.The basic approach being adopted is making Khadi activities artisan-centric without compromising the growth of this sector.

From a customer’s point of view, Khadi should be more accessible, well-priced, stylish enough to cater to the taste of urban India and to catch the imagination of the younger generation with a cultural resonance in the form of a pride just as the world has now recognized our economic resilience mainly due to a strong domestic market and in the past had found their way in the Gandhian values.


Their motto is to provide a limited edition of handcrafted women apparels and accessories to make women feel pampered. Prior to being part of Team AG, where every woman involved in the industry undergoes stringent refresher training on Industrial work, despite past experience and competence. Once trained at required level, they are involved in awesome creations with a class for ‘Women with Class’. The part of the revenue generated from the sale will be used for betterment of women and un-privileged through SSROH, a NGO working in the field.

Be a part of this unique Khadi movement by gifting Khadi products this Diwali and revisit the era of Gandhian Fabric with Fashionista Exhibitions at Raipur from 6th, 7th & 8th October 17 at Hotel Grand Imperial, Raipur.



A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.

—  Christian Louboutin

We all love wearing beautiful pair of shoes thus, the saying “A persons personality is known by the shoes they wear”~

Have we ever wondered how the footwear came into existence and became a successful booming industry?  Kewl…that’s what happened:


It’s hard to imagine a time before the invention of shoes. Though all shoes share common characteristics, the varied shapes, patterns, materials and the fit have transformed drastically over the few decades. There was a time when the footwear of both men and women were similar. In the 18th century, fabric shoes were very much a la mode. Soon the footwear for both started to differ from one another, especially due to a variety of technological advances in the shoe making process had come simpler than before.

With modernization, Now –a-days there are shoes for every occasion, mood, and preferences. There has also been a movement away from styles that focus primarily on comfort and function, as many designers are shifting interest from a matter of practicality to that of aesthetics. Celebrities like Lady Gaga has introduced the world to footwear that’s more art on her foot. If the footwear trends continue in this fashion, there will be a greater following for the future of footwear than that of clothing! Similar is the vision of an Indian brand named “Balujas” from Kanpur.

BALUJAS is the namesake of one of India’s most celebrated shoe business families. Founded in 1919 by KL BALUJA, is now managed by Vidur Mehta, the third generation to reseed the company and see it through India’s retail revolution.

Balujas deals in a wide range of lifestyle merchandise and aspirational products. The women’s footwear line comprising of boots, shoes and sandals – casuals as well as formals. It also provides kids’ line of footwear products under the categories of formals, city outdoor and outdoor leisure.

Balujas firmly believe that the organized retail sector in India is just taking shape, and there will be consolidation – with numerous players lacking footwear retail expertise having to sell or shut shop. They have already begun to see a couple of examples of this churn-out. Our brand enjoys a tremendous confidence and trust in the market and they are sure, they can convert this trust factor into patronage throughout the country. In spite of the turmoil in the malls and retail sector, they continue to go from strength to strength – maintaining a healthy growth. Apart from Balujas as a brand, they also deal in large number of third party brands such as O’Henry, Get Gorgeous, Taraah, Her Party Collection, Marrakech, Father & Son, etc.


The experience that they have gained over the decades enables them to forecast the customer preferences and demands and the strong outsourcing, infrastructure that they have built over the years in India helps them to bring newer trends and designs on the shelves faster than any other retailer.

Their long-term vision is to remain India’s most premium and preferred footwear retail company. To achieve this vision, they continue  to provide the highest quality standards at their stores and now at Fashionista- Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition that is coming to Kanpur on 22nd,23rd & 24th September’17  at Hotel Royal Cliff where these beautiful looking footwear’s are awaiting just for you!

There was a time when people used to invest more on clothing than footwear now the buying perspective has changed, they spend equally more for footwear which provides better comfort and innovative styles to choose from.

You will be compared to rekindle your thoughts on so many shoes and just two feet at this super amazing fashion Exhibition!

It is not about how much the shoe is sold for, it’s clearly success when you know how many people are wearing your brand.

~ WoMan Of SubStance or Drama QueEn, Which one are YoU? ~

Aurat Aurat hoti hai aur Unko admi ki zarurat hoti hai aage badne ke liye…Who says so? A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman who gives meaning to others lives.


As children, we were always being told to be a person of moral and were educated to understand what our values are…the “ideal” woman of our age is glamorous, sophisticated, aggressive, powerful, outspoken, career-minded, independent, self-sufficient, and sensuous. She needs no one and nothing.

Born with a silver spoon and hasn’t touch their fully pedicured foot on the ground, Never have ever felt what poverty looks like coz she thinks there are people who don’t have the talent of spending money…They are the Drama Queens.

Living up to individual fashion norms that storm the city, a few layers of pan caked makeup from the most expensive brands and they are ready to walk the ramp as soon as they wake up… there are the Drama Queens.

Cupcakes, Floral bouquet, Prada shoes and LV is what is expected on their birthdays, anything below this ‘ My husband doesn’t love me anymore’!

Never have they ever cleaned their children’s diapers with the nails that look like worth a million dollars. Less or No responsibility and self-centered – Me Time is something that they would want. Their world is confined to luxury and so they don’t know what effort in life is. Sports woman of the ones they just in case know of are popular public figures for them…there is less awareness of know the effort and the pain to reach at a level they won’t be able to with the comfort level that has been imbibed.

The marriage might also suffer at a level it is beyond repair and so the money too is lost.

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Marriages just the way it feels…Yeh Shaadi ka Ladoo Hai Bhai~

There were times when woman who didn’t have any voice were made to marry the prince of their parents’ dream, wherein now times have it all that woman who are independent and successful in their own individual careers do not find a need to get married, of-course companionship is different but at the same time commitment to the marriage is a different ball game.

Marriage will soon be like a library where we find the books that we want to read, but not invest and yet you have the desire to explore new insights of each book a similar ladoo called Marriage.

There are days when you are thrilled of getting married most because your best friend is and yes of the functions and the events that will be hosted for the celebrations.”Yeh toh wo ladoo hai jo khae woh bhi pachtae jo na khae woh bhi patchtae”
Who knows how long the marriages will last. The new evolved technology has made love disappear like rain in the clouds, no matter how much depth you want to find in the love you have for each other, your Facebook notifications&whatsapp chats will defiantly make an end to the moment.

It’s a time when we know we have realized how things are becoming bad to worse in this new“X” era, it’s also the time to give and surround yourself with so much love that even marriages that are broken are bonded back for eternity.

So my dear friends, We are sure you have fallen in love not once, not twice, but again and again with yourself for just being who you are. Fashionista embraces each and every woman to be independent no matter what the world says, but to walk with pride and be extremely confident of yourself.

Empower yourself with courage, confidence, Education & Fill your life with Happiness & Bliss today and Forever~ Yes! You read it just right, Eterrnity!!

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